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John Q. Lawson FAIA

Lorna Katz AIA






Company Profile


Formed in 1986, John Lawson Architects is a firm committed to the art of architecture and the excellence of its design. The firm was founded on Mr. Lawson's prior professional experience as a partner with Mitchell/Giurgola Architects where his designs received numerous professional design awards and were widely published.

JLA's goal is to create a design that will function practically and provide visual stimulation and excitement for those who use the building.  In addition to architectural design, JLA offers expertise in environmentally-conscious green design, feasibility studies, master planning, programming, space planning and interior design, the latter a specialty of Ms. Katz.

Another strength of JLA is its ability to create a design that fits the client's identity, be it corporate, institutional, or residential.  Not only are the client's needs evaluated but also the special characteristics of his identity are assessed.  Such design results from the careful analysis of site considerations, selections of building materials, budget, and the sensitive understanding of scale, all of which factor into creating an appropriate architecture.  Repeat clients attest to this skill.

When outside consultants are required to handle specific technical issues, JLA will select the best advisors.  JLA sees the life of a project as a close partnership between client and architect that is continually stimulated by the fresh exchange of ideas.  The goal of this exchange is a well designed building.   Just as JLA puts an emphasis on high design standards, the firm pays close attention to high standards for construction, from the initial specification of design details on working drawings to the quality execution of those details on site.
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